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Welcome to the community.

Together, we will grow, evolve, and become better humans. 

Please check out the community vision before continuing

  • To support our fellow community members.
  • To be a safe space for all to express our opinions, feelings, and emotions.
  • To inspire, help and encourage others to grow.
  • To be kind and spread kindness.
  • To arrive with curiosity rather than judgement.

Rules of thumb for community members:

  • This is NOT a space for racism, homophobia, sexism, classism, ableism, etc.
  • Please do not delete posts or comments unless approved by Admin.
  • Please respect any pronouns, gender identities, sexualities and beyond as they are requested.
  • When adding a post, please respect requests for content warnings ( CW ) or trigger warning (TW) - Even though you may not think that certain content is hard for others to read, a simple addition at the top of it can be helpful to others in the group. In other words, be content aware when sharing.
  • Remember that an awesome way to support and increase your reputation points is to like, comment, ask questions, and respond to questions.
  • This community exists because of you. Your voice matters.
  • Don't forget to build your Shiny Coins bank, let's make them coins. You deserve abundance, even if it's virtual.
  • Any hateful comments will get automatically removed from the community. No exceptions.

Last but not least, here is my welcome message for you.

Much gratitude, peace and light your way!

Stay shining!

~ Pam

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